Friday, March 26, 2010

Trickery...You'd Think I Would Know Better.

OK. I admit it. I was tricked. Taken in. Conned. Fooled. All this by a 19 month old. This kid apparently is pretty good at this. It all started out quite nicely. After my adventure to take Mason out for lunch today, (which didn't work and I'll write about that later) it was time to return home and take a nap. For Mason that is, even though Grandma could use one herself.

The little darling only ran once from me when I told him it was nap time. So, I decided a little trickery was in order. I said, "Mason, were is your be be?' His be be is his fluffy, fleece blanket, which he must have for his naps. He ran to get it and I scooped him up the second he bent to retrieve it off the ground. Off to his bedroom we went. I pulled down the shade, laid him in bed, covered him up with his be be and turned on the Sea Horse Glow creature.

No sounds were heard for several minute. Then he became to jabber and screech something that sounded an lot like "Ga mmmaaa." "Come." This went on for several minutes. All was quite. Again, he began to jabber as I could hear him running around in his crib. I heard a few bouncing sounds, a few that sounded like he wa taken a kick or two at the wooden slats, then a very large thud. Oh my God. The kid fell out of his crib. I knew it. I just knew he would be able to get out on my watch. Wouldn't you know it? This stuff always happens to the Grandmas. Why can't he do this when his mama and daddy are here? They can be the ones to witness this first time feat? Why me?

My heart starts instantly pounding, while my stomach has that white/hot feeling when you are scared. Know what I'm talking about? That I would like to vomit after I faint feeling? There are no sounds after the thud. I go running in there. The little master of trickery is standing up in his crib, and begins laughing and jabbering, while pointing to the floor. He had thrown his Sea Horse creature out so far and hard, that it landed beside his changing table. Apparently he now wants it. "Geez, wasn't this funny grandma?" I swear that is what Mason said. No, kid. This is not funny.

As I handed him back his Sea Horse creature, he grabs my clothes and literally climbs up on me, sideways. As I turn around to retrieve him back to the front of me to put him back into his crib, he slides down, kicking and is off running for the hallway. Laughing. Yes, he is laughing at me. I have been tricked by a 19 month old. The humiliation is still setting in. Lord, I admit it. I fell into the trap. I chased him into the kitchen. "Mason it's nap time." "Time to go night night." "NO." he yells and runs to the corner by the baby gate, and I swear, he is trying to hide on me! Seriously.

Back to bed he goes. No sounds have been heard since I started writing this post. No screeching, no laughing, and best of all: no thudding. I think it's safe to say he is out like a light. I'd look to see. However, as my luck would have it, the little squirt would be laying there awake, ready with one more trick up his sleeve to get out of his crib.

Fooled by a 19 month old. History in the making.

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  1. He's good, isn't he? Excited to see you this weekend!