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It's Coming Soon. The Baby Fix

Sunday, April 19, 2009
It's Coming Soon!The baby fix. That's what is coming soon. This weekend will be my, sorry Dennis, I mean our first overnight with Mason. All by ourselves. I feel like I am all grown up now, as excited as when I first got my driver's license! As excited as I was to have my own children. As excited as when Mason was born! I think you get it. Yes, I am excited. So is his Grandpa, only he's acting all "cool" about it. Obviously he does not get the whole "baby fix" thing yet! Men!

We are already plotting! Hmm. What to do with our time with Mason.? So little time, so many ideas. Perhaps we'll go shopping and get a new swing for our yard. After all, those pics his mama sent were amazing. He was swinging and laughing. He obviously like to swing. That is a good idea. We will still have room in the cart, though...

Maybe we will also look for one of those wagons. Maybe we will get a big one so he can put his toys in there with him when he rides. His mama and daddy will love that! A nice, big wagon for all those toys he owns. Hey, it's ok Matt and Amy. You've got a basement! That reminds me that we have a red flyer in the pole barn. We will need to get that baby polished up.

Perhaps we will plan to take him out to Jenny's for him off a little. It's fun to watch kids at restaurants. If they are not screaming, that is. Our Mason won't do that. I don't understand it. His mama says he shows attitude already. Attitude? Not MY baby boy. He's all sweetness and smiles.

But, all this shopping and show and tell"ing" means we will have to share him. Hmm. I'd better rethink this. Maybe not such a hot idea after all.

All this plotting and scheming! What kind of grandparent am I? Woops, I meant, what kind of grandparents are WE? Fun ones, of course! Of course Mason won't go to bed on time. Of course, he wants to smile at us and not drink all his bottle. Of course he is going to get into everything. Of course we are going shopping. Of course we will buy him things. After all, he's at his grandpa and grandma's house. Isn't that what we are for? To spoil him a bit, be the ones to buy the loud, fun toys? I'm sure that was in the Grandpa and Grandma Rule book Amy and Matt bought for us right before Mason arrived. We remember her handing us a book, saying 'Here read this." Wait, it was a grandparent magazine on the modern way of parenting, like car seats and safe toys? I thought it was all about how to spoil. Woops, again.

Don't worry, mama and daddy. He'll be a good, little boy while you are at Sara's graduation. Take your time. See Grand Rapids. Take a drive around the state. Perhaps you would like to have supper out also, don't stop at lunch. Find a Bed and deserve a break. So many options, so much time!

Don't worry and don't hurry. We may be a while at Target. So many toys, so little time. Oh, sweet time. Time for a baby fix.
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Amy said...

I'd threaten that I'll call you to deal with his crankiness after all this spoiling but I know that you'd just enjoy that.
April 23, 2009 4:26 PM

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