Wednesday, March 7, 2012

If it's in my mouth, it's mine.

When I started this blog, I wanted to capture the feelings and funny things that my grandson said or did. That was back in 2008. I tried to post about once every two months. Then I failed to keep up with it. Then a beautiful baby girl was added to our family, Ella. My grand daughter, Ella, is about 15 months old.I created a post in January 2011 about how beautiful she is and how blessed we are to have her in our lives.

Then I got busy again. I failed to document her first year. I feel really bad about that. I certainly didn't lose interest in her, just lost interest in blogging in general.

This past week, I began to get one of "those" feelings. A feeling that I must capture her funny moments in writing. Perhaps it was having Ella this past weekend that brought up these "I must continue this" feeling. I think the responsibility for those thoughts must be put on the batteries. Yes, a battery is responsible for my desire to document funny Miss Ella Bella.

We had Ella and Mason this weekend. While Dennis was in the living room, watching "one more" Land Before Time DVD, I was sitting in the kitchen. Yes, doing what I always do. Catching up on my favorite blogs' recent posts. Ella came running by me, looked at me and grin, with some odd looking, shiny item protruding out of her mouth. She began to laugh and run past, but she was not quick enough. I grabbed her. She didn't want to give up what she had.As far as she was concerned, she found the item, it belonged to her. She clenched her little mouth shut, I pried a bit harder and out popped a double A battery. Yes, a battery.

Grabbing Ella and a baby wipe, I immediately began to clean out her mouth, as my husband checked to be sure the battery didn't have any leakage or bite marks. I asked him "Where in hell did she get the batteries?" It's not as if we leave them lying around normally. Knowing the kids were going to around this weekend, we took precautions as usual.

Even though the battery was still intact, the grandma in me decided I needed to clean her mouth. After doing a cleaning of Ella's mouth, she decide since the baby wipe was in her mouth, it also belonged to her. I don't' think so, Ella. Anyway, we began the search for the source of batteries.

As we were searching the living room, Dennis suddenly picked up the remote, and sure enough that was the source. That little squirt had opened up the back of remote and helped herself to a battery.

Ella spend the remainder of her weekend searching for items that she could claim as hers. The content of the kitchen drawers, magazines from the basket, clothing from her suitcase and laundry baskets, and items that resided in other rooms, all joined together to create one interesting looking pile of items.

As it was time to return the kids home to their mama and daddy, I began to pick up a few toys to return them to their designated space. As I picked up a book, Ella latched onto it and the tug of war began. "Please give grandma the book, Ella." Ella glared at me and screeched something that sounded like "No. No." I guess she was under the presumption that since she found it and brought it to the living room, that made it hers.

I wonder if that works both ways. I found Ella in the living room, does that make her mine?