Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome Ella

Ella. What a beautiful name for the baby my daughter Amy, her husband Matt and their son, Mason welcomed into their family a few weeks ago. I hardly know where to start to explain my joy at the health of this child and the happiness I see in Amy and her family's eyes.

I stayed with Mason while his mama and daddy went to the hospital so the "doctors could get Ella for them" as they explained it to Mason. Mason is going through some normal two year old behavior, such as now wanting to leave his mama and daddy. so, he shed a few tears, well big ones actually, when mama left. It was all I could do to keep from crying also as my oldest, baby girl was leaving to have her own baby girl. Such excitement, but yet the normal feelings of nervousness that only a mom can experience when her own child is having a baby.

It took them many hours for Ella to arrive and we were lucky enough to be there when Matt came out with pictures. This time there were tears of joy, not fear, as little miss Ella was healthy, and well, just perfect.

I was blessed to stay with Amy in the hospital a few nights while Matt stayed at night with Mason. Little Mason missed his daddy and it was best/good for Mason to spend some special time with him. I always consider myself lucky to spend time with Mason, and it was no different as I would be spending time rocking/holding Ella the first few days of her life.

Ah, the joy of seeing your daughter holding her newborn baby with tears of happiness in her eyes. Although there will be many more events of pure happiness, I think there will always be three special memories I will always have of Amy with happiness in her eyes: the day she married her love, Matt, the week her beautiful, baby boy Mason came home from the hospital, and the moment I watched her as she held her beautiful girl.

Just knowing that this child was healthy, perfect, and coming home was one of he best gift I have received, right up there with Amy having Mason. I have been known to thank her for giving me two grandchildren to love. How nice of her to think of me.

A grandma just has to rock her babies, doesn't she? So, when Amy wasn't holding Ella, and when I figured Ella had enough time to be on her own in the bassinet, I scooped that baby up and rocked.

As I held Ella, I remembered the feeling of holding Mason the first time. He was six weeks, still in the NICU, although scheduled to come home in a few days. I remembered holding him and doing my very best not to cry in front of Amy that day. I had shed many tears during that six weeks at the helplessness I felt for Mason's medical situation. I cried because I could not, no matter what I did, make this any better for my daughter. It is one of my difficult feelings in the world not to be able to make something better for your child. I thank God, still to this day, that Amy and Matt are strong, educated, compassionate individuals who deeply love one another and their child and are stronger for this experience.

The tears I had when Ella was born were happy ones. Happy that she was healthy, that we knew she was coming home when Amy did. Happy to see the love her husband has for their new addition, for his entire family. Ir was an exciting time seeing Mason hold his baby sister. He gazed at her with such wonder and excitement. Such good memories.

Let me tell you about Ella. Oh, she is pretty. She is absolutely beautiful. She weighed 7 lb 7 oz at birth, and has chubby little cheeks. Cheeks made for smooching on. Her hair is dark and so soft. She smells wonderful. I have seen her give a few smiles, although they really were not directed at me. Her mama said she is just starting to give some smiles while they talk with her, she gazes directly at them and smiles. She is so alert, just like her mama was when she was a newborn. Even the pediatrician said she was an extremely alert newborn.

Ella looks just like her big brother, who looks like his daddy. Although I do see a bit of Amy in her, I try not to kid myself. She is a Langlois at this point, though and through at this point.

Amy says she is starting to make those wonderful first sounds, a bit of a "cooing." This naturally makes me want to run right down there, sit by her side and wait for the story she has to tell. I have lots of time for you, Ella. I have nothing else worthwhile to do anyway.

I haven't seen her in a week and it is killing me. I think I am going to have to go down this week, Saturday morning at the latest. I am beginning to get antsy at not seeing her for a week, and then there is my little guy, Mason. How I miss him, my little Mr. Personality and Mr. Attitude rolled up in one sweet package. He sets out to entertain us, with either his funny two year old behavior, or his mini meltdowns at not getting his way. While these meltdowns are really not funny to his parents, sometimes I just have to turn away and try not to laugh. Been there done that moment.

Yes, I must see the kids this weeky may need groceries in their house, don't you think? After all, Amy does have to grocery shop at some point, doesn't she? Look out little ones, Grandma is coming to your house and mama is going to Meijers.