Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two Years

I haven't posted any letters to my blog in a while and realized that I must get back at it. I have discovered how much I miss writing about my little guy.

So much has happened this early summer. Mason has spent quite a few days with me, both at his home and at ours. I went down last week and spent a few days with him, pre-planned for weeks, but he became ill with a virus and ran a fever. So, my idea of spending large amounts of time "sight seeing" and "park hopping" did not materialize. Oh well, that is ok. Just being with my grandson is enough. After all, how often is it that a grandma is given the opportunity to provide much needed comfort to her grandchild? I am sure there are many grandma's that would love this gift.

Wow! Mason has changed so quickly these past few months and continue to do so. It is hard to know where to begin. So, I thought I would share a bit of my time with Mason from last week.

Mason loves his binkie, a.k.a. his pacifier. His parents have been great about allowing him to have it as needed. However, they also have decided it is time to take it away from him. Easier said than done. He is now down to having it at nap time and bedtime. This is not to say that he doesn't try to sneak it or ask for it at other times. What a perfect time to ask for it when Grandma is around and the parents are not?

As with most toddlers, when Mason is ill he wants his mama or daddy. Since they were not to be found, Grandma would have to do. Mason was recently moved into a twin size bed, which he loves, and like to go "night night" often and invites you to join him. He brags about his blankets, his pillows, and his music box. He "invites" you (also known as tells you) where to lay at, which pillow you can have. He then proceeds to pretend to sleep, all the while making these cute little snoring sounds, which sound something like: "ker chew" over and over again. One would think he is sleeping until a glimpse of the smiling face is seen. Well, he did invite me to enter his domain and I did. Of course, you know what was laying there? You got it. His binkie. Well, he wanted it. I said, "No, it's for night night time only." He started the crying, "Binkie, night night, blankie" and proceeded to lay down in his bed, trying to cover himself up with his blanket, placing that binkie in his little mouth and just lying there, fever and all. Well, I can't have that. I had to pick him up and rock with him. Is that rule not in the Grandma handbook? I'm sure it is on page 1, rule #1: Must rock the baby.

So, Mason got his binkie. Not that he had it in his mouth the entire time of course, but occasionally he wanted the comfort. Then daddy came home. Daddy: "Mason, give daddy to binkie." Mason gave it to up, knowing the days of the binkie are numbered. He was quite cheerful after that. After all, his daddy was home.

I later confessed my sin of allowing Mason to have his pacifier, (after Mason busted me) justifying it with "He was sick and it brings him comfort." They don't care of course, they want what is best for him, Amy agreeing that yes, he probably did need it, graciously easing me over my guilt at "breaking the rules."

Jana watched Mason a day later and did the same thing. He was fussy, rather out of sorts and wanted his binkie. Jana actually said, "He is whining and won't shut up until he gets his binkie!" So, his binkie he received. When Matt came home, Mason forked his binkie over to daddy. After several minutes of the normal whining that an almost two year old is famous for, Matt said to Jana, "Geez, I see why you gave him is binkie. He's cranky." while laughing.

Amy sends me a text of a conversation she had with Mason a few days later. Mason: "Want binkie." Amy: "No, Mason, you don't need it. No Binkie." Mason: "Want Binkie!. Wa Wa Wa." Amy: "No Mason. You can't have your binkie, it's not bedtime." Mason: "Gamma do it." Amy: "Gamma isn't here buddy." Mason: "I want gamma!"

That's ok, little guy. Gamma wants you too! Only next time I have you, we are going to the park and going shopping. I think it has been a few weeks since you have had a surprise. Nothing big or elaborate is needed. Sometimes all it takes to get a huge smile is a piece of licorice or a juice box. Sometimes it is a small toy, found at a garage sale for a few bucks. Then there are time that all it takes is a binkie!