Thursday, March 4, 2010

Summer is flying by

Saturday, August 8, 2009
Summer Is Flying By
It is hard to believe, but we are half way through August. Summer is going by too quickly. It has not felt like we have had much of a summer this year though, for several reasons. One of which is the weather. We have had way to many cool days. If I remember correctly, was not last year quite hot? I bet if I asked Amy what the weather was like in August, she would reply, "Too damn hot for a pregnant woman."

Another reason I feel like summer did not officially arrive, is because I haven't had my usual breaks. You know what I mean, don't you? Sleeping in until 10:00, rolling out of bed and sitting around in your pajamas for several hours. Instead, I have been very active, not lazy, this summer.

Oh my gosh! What did I just say? I was active? Oh no. I hope that does not set a pattern that will befall me next summer. The only plans I have for next summer is coaxing my grandson to Grandma and Grandpas house for a few days at a time, perhaps a long weekend or two. He will be older then. Maybe he will be a little pistol and his mama and daddy will be glad to have a break for a few days.

In anticipating the remainder of the summer with Mason (I plan to kidnap him very soon and wisk him away to Grandmas), I have turned my backyard into a mini McDonald's play land. We are not the proud owners of a house, also known as a fort to men, a "thing" to crawl in and around on, and a little picnic table.

It is the picnic table that gives my heart an extra flutter. I want to see Mason sitting on the table, with his little legs dangling down. Grinning at me, with that one little tooth, while he snacks on his cheerios, jabbering and laughing that little belly laugh that I adore hearing. I can't wait for those little Kool-Aid mustaches to appear on that little face. What the heck, I may even give him red Kool-Aid!

I look forward to seeing him sitting there, surrounded by his toys and snacks, as we watch the birds, the bunnies, Jana's dog and the "wild" cats. I will enjoy the wonderful, little sentences that he is sharing with me. His expressions and sounds of delight are most delightful and bring me the largest smile.

Just thinking about the possibilities with Mason the remainder of the summer and this fall make me happy. Happy to hear him jabber and learn to express himself. Happy to hear him speak the new words he will learn during these next few months. Happy just to be with my little guy.

I must go get him quickly. Another week in August will be past us before we know.

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