Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby Communication

Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Easter Holiday found me with a slight problem: Two cute babies! Woo Hoo! Which one to hold first? This is the dilemma I pondered as we drove the 1/2 hour to our good friends house. The grandchild? After all, he is my baby boy. Or should I hold the little girl, Lydia, who is just one month younger than Mason? I don't see her often and she is ds darn cute! Oh, what should I do?

If I grab Lydia first, what will my daughter think? If I grab Mason first, what will Lydia's mama think? Well, I'm pretty smart. I'll play it by ear and grab whatever one is closest to me. I NEED a baby fix. Doesn't matter that I saw Mason just yesterday. He is so cute! Here's the plan. I'll grab one, love him or her up. Then I'll pass that one one and grab the other. Hmm. I have two arms. Maybe I can hold both of them at the same time. Yes, that will be the plan. I'll try for them both!

We arrive and I am greeting by my little nieces I haven't seen in a while. They were happy to see me. That was sweet! In the house I go, eager to see the babies also. But wait, what's this? They are already taken when I get there! What the heck? "Umm, Hello, ladies...Sherry's here!" What? A news flash for me? The babies are not just awaiting for Grandma Sherry/Aunt Sherry to come and give them some kisses? They have not been anticipating this moment all day long? No? Are you sure? You're sure! Nope, neither baby could care less if I was within their sight, crossed their line of vision, or even gave me a, "Oh, hello. It's you." What a good thing.

Yes, it is a good thing. It means that those babies were surrounded by people who were also so excited to see them and be a part of their lives for that one moment. My niece Lisa couldn't wait to get her hands on Mason. She has spoken of it often this week. In fact, she was holding him when I arrived. He looked quite content. My daughter, Amy, was holding Lydia and she also looked quite content. In fact, all were looking quite content.

What a blessed sight to see two beautiful, healthy babies. What a happy day when your family gathers and the home is filled with laughter and love...and babies and children. That is what makes the gatherings memorable. One of the best moments of the day wasn't the great meal that was prepared. It was watching two infants communicate with one another. Communicate in that baby way that we adults have absolutely no idea what they are saying and we never will.

Mason and Lydia, who are just seven weeks apart, would squeal to one another, reaching out to grab the toy the other was holding. However, the best is those grins, those famous baby smiles to each other. You know what I mean, don't you? The mouths are open as far as they can go! Sort of like going to the dentist and they put those mouth guards in that hold your mouth wide open. Then they talk. Oh, boy did they talk.

Here is an example of their communication: Lydia had her head thrown back, mouth wide open, kicking her feet, her eyes twinkling, screeching at Mason, while Mason's mouth was wide open, screeching back (in their own special language,) his eyes shining and he reaches out and grabs hold of Lydia's clothes and pulls. I swear Lydia laughed and Mason giggled. Not to be outdone, Lydia reaches over to Mason and quick as a wink, sends her arm out and grabs the toy Mason is holding. Mason screeches, and so does Lydia, while she sucks on his toy. Then they giggle. Isn't that cute? They are communicating already. Becoming good friends. That's so sweet, isn't it? They are communicating, playing, sharing even.

Oh, the games are starting early with those two. I can see into the future. We will have to keep an eye (or two) on these kids. Yeck, I think it will take all those present to watch these two cuties. They'll be getting into a lot of trouble together at gatherings, I believe. Plotting revenge on their evil parents for all the alleged wrongs that have been done to them. Or scheming on how to trick their parents into letting them eat dessert first. Teaching one another new ways to get what they want. Playing house, mimicking their role models. Oh my word, even worse yet, playing doctor! There is communication in that, isn't there? Oh no! Maybe all this baby communication is not so good after all!

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