Thursday, March 4, 2010

.... Mr. Personality Arrives

Monday, October 26, 2009

He's particular. He can be stubborn. He is rather sassy. He knows exactly what he wants, and is figuring out how to get it. He is a trick rider on his 4 wheeler (yes, it's battery operated and no, I am not to blame for it). Everything is made for climbing. He can and he will get up there is his attitude.

He like to share what is on his mind, and no, I don't think it is always pretty, judging by the amount of NO's he tell you and the faces he makes. He is becoming independent. He has an opinion. No, he doesn't want to eat his broccoli first, and you can't make him. No, he is not interested in putting on his clothes, thank you very much.

He struts, just a tiny bit. He's hot stuff and he knows it. All eyes are upon his as he parades back and forth across the room and up and down the hallways. A career in comedy is calling his name, as he makes his audience laugh. And he knows it. He always has one more trick up his sleeve to keep one entertained.

He is noticing his body a bit more lately. He walks, deliberately sticking his belly out and watching it as he walks. His brown tennis shoes are smoking! They also are most interesting to watch, and so easy to take on and off. His shirts and pants are camo. A trophy hunter in the making, he is.

He is no longer a toothless wonder. He has four lovely, little razor sharp knives in his mouth. And that's just the top. Combined with the two on the bottom, he is his own little can opener. His kisses can can have a whole new meaning. Who needs one of those steel sharpening devices, when your chin may have been invented for those pearly little knives.

Not anyone will do anymore. He knows exactly who he wants at a given moment. If you want him and he doesn't want you, out comes the hand as if he is a crossing guard. "NO. STOP." he says, as he snuggles against his mama or daddy. No amount of coaxing in the world can rip him from the arms of mama and daddy if he doesn't want to leave his safety zone.

But when he does want to be held, there is nothing in the world like it. He wraps those little arms around my neck, lays his warm, soft cheek against my face, pats my face, giving me all his love. It may only last for a moment. Then his is off. Off to new adventures. Off to take a fresh look at an old toy. Off he goes when he sees you coming with a diaper. Off he goes, clearly wanting to be chased. Off he goes to hide in the corner, or under the table, after all, YOU can't see him. Off for a wagon ride to see new paths. Off to discovery, sharpening his curious little mind ( just like his teeth).

My wonderful, opinionated, stubborn, passionate, dare devilish, independent, sassy, loving, little comedian. You light up the room with your amazing personality. While I see you as often as possible, I cannot get enough of you.

Speaking of dare devilish, wait until you see what Grandma and Grandpa have for you at their house...Can Mason have a horse?
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