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Comfort for two

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This week I had the opportunity to take care of our little guy for the day, as he was ill. While I was driving to his home, once again I realized how lucky I am that I had the opportunity to provide some comfort to him. As many families are scattered across the state, even the country, I am quite positive that many grandmas would love the opportunity I was presented with.

It has been said there is nothing like being happily greeted when you walk into the home than by two things: a dog or a baby. I think the baby wins, hands down. He absolutely made my day when he decided, "Ok. I remember this lady. I think I liked her." and I was rewarded with a big smile.

Once Mason drank some of his bottle, he decided he would like a little snooze. This was an opportunity I was not about to let get past me. I wrapped him up in a little cocoon, well, as much as you can wrap a 7 month old and off to the rocking chair I went. This is the same rocking chair I rocked his mama in, the one which creaks as it rocks back. How comforting it was to hold that little warm baby in my arms. I can still remember how it felt to rock his mama. I held her soft, little body snuggle in my arms. Amy was my first, and I loved rocking her.

As I gazed down at Mason, while patting his little bottom as we rocked, I was rewarded with many great gifts directly from Mason. He gives me the gift of trust. He trust me to take care of him, holding him secure. He gives me the gift of his soft touch, as he reaches his little hand up to touch my cheeks and pokes his fingers into my mouth. He gives me the knowledge that I make him happy, as he smiles and laughs while we rock.

Once he decides he will allow sleep, he snuggles down into my arms, holds the string of my sweatshirt in his hand, sighs deeply and off to sleep he goes. Perhaps he would be more comfortable if I laid him down, but I wasn't above to move him, as it took him 20 minutes to go to sleep. So, we rocked while he slept. While it may seem like rocking for two hours is a long time, the time went by quite fast.

When he woke, I felt a moment of disappointment, as I wanted to keep rocking, but just for a second. I was rewarded with one big grin, and a wet diaper. Later that day, we spent some more time in the rocking chair. By the end of the day, I was convinced that it was not only me who provided comfort that day, but Mason provided me with some also. There is nothing like a beautiful, sleeping baby to melt your worries.

Feel better quickly, little guy.
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