Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby Fix: What Bliss

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Remember I wrote earlier regarding my need for a continual baby fix? I was a very fortunate lady this weekend. I did not receive just one immunization to help relieve me of my weekly pain of withdrawal symptoms, but I received two additional boosters at the same time as well! My daughters were home for the entire weekend. Yes, that is together, in one house, and a baby boy to boot!

The weekend began with Jana arriving home Friday (with her dirty laundry and her dog. I bet many moms can relate to this) from her teaching job in Kalkaska, as they are on Spring Break the week of the 30th. It does not seem possible that she is a young adult, independent, with a successful career. She has a lot of responsibility as a teacher, having a tremendous amount of influence on the life of young children.

The fact that she has chosen the teaching field does not surprise or my husband at all. In fact, when Jana turned about 3, the signs of a teacher began to emerge from that tiny little mouth. She began to boss her big sister, Amy, age 5, around. Poor Amy. She always had to take the commands. Wait! Did I say commands? I meant to say suggestions! Suggestions that Jana would utter: "You be the kid, I be the teacher." "You be the baby and play with these toys, I be the mama." "You be the kid and check out books, I be the library lady." "You be the little girl and dress your baby in these clothes, I be the mama." These scenes (and age appropriate ones, as they grew) lasted through several years, Jana being the one to give directives, and Amy being the big sister who always patiently gave in to these demands, I mean, played with the baby sister. Sisterly love, have these two.

It is fun to watch her with her nephew now. Mason already appears to adore her. He laughs the longest and loudest when she speak to him. He loves to have her attention. As I watch her interact with Mason, I can almost hear the words she might be thinking in her head,very familiar words to all: "You be the baby, I be the aunt." "You sit here and play toys with me, I be the aunt." "You be the baby and like how I dress you, I be the aunt." "You be the baby, and watch me read, I be the teacher."

She is so good with him. She will make a fantastic mom when her time comes. Simply fantastic. Much like she is in her teaching job, as I have heard from many of those teachers I have contact with, those who have witnessed her teaching methods and style. "She is so good with the kids." "Jana is a born teacher." Yes, she sure is definitely good with children. She also is born a leader and director. However, don't take my word for it. Ask Amy.
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