Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can I Keep Him?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Can I Keep Him?
Our home was one place of pure bliss this past weekend. Amy and Matt had a commitment, Matt's sister graduated from GVSU (congrats, Sara) and they needed to be in Grand Rapids bright and early Saturday morning. Sara's immediate family were attending graduation, minus one important item...Mason.

I bet you can guess where Mason was, can't you? This was our first "official" overnight er with Mason. I was ecstatic. The baby, all to myself. Ok, I had to share, but it was wonderful. The little guy is crawling, his first week of doing so. He was rather poky at it, but he can crawl.

I spent the prior week beginning the baby proofing of our home. I removed all sharp objects (no, not knives) from the bottom drawers and replaced them with paper products, which I am sure he will find in no time, not to mention shred! I vacuumed every inch of the living room, dusted the room he would sleep in, checked the corners for anything I may have missed. Whew! This baby proofing is hard work!

Even with my careful planning, Mason was sure to find something, I was sure. Didn't take him long, no indeed. He found a small piece of thread, a crumb or two (even with my careful sweeping, grr), and the cord to the lamp. This was all within 30 minutes of his awakening Saturday morning. That little guy may crawl slowly, but he finds things fast!

What a great time Dennis, Jana and I had with him. We kept him so occupied playing with us (he so nicely cooperated with our plans) I don't think he had time to miss his mama and daddy. Other than day care and a few hours at a time, Mason hadn't been away from his parents since he came home from the hospital in October. I certainly understand that. What a long, stressful road. Anyway, I did worry that the unfamiliar surrounding would give him cause for alarm, but no worries there. He was too busy.

Busy trying to crawl on the hardwood floors. Now that is a funny sight. One could see the confusion in his eyes once he made it onto the hardwood, but sort of just "spun" his wheels. We took his socks off to give him an advantage, which seemed to help. However, he never ventured more than a few feet. He was too busy. Busy feeling the difference in the texture between the carpeting and the wood floor. Busy giving his grandpa the "stare down." Busy laughing with Aunt Jana. Ok, Mason, out with it. You like her best, don't cha, baby boy!

He didn't need to go too far to find something to play with. Who would have thought the cracks in the wood flooring would be so entertaining? The screw that holds the railing of the kitchen stools was very fascinating also. His little finger traced that screw over and over again. You could see his mind and eyes absorbing the sight and texture of these new discoveries.

What a great, great weekend we had. You may remember my first post where I mentioned when he was here, and his parents would leave with him, I would internally cry, "don't go, I'm not done with him yet." While I did not leap for joy when he left, it somehow was different this time. I think it was knowing that he did ok, did well actually, eating and sleeping while he was with us that made all the difference. I felt really contented when his mama and daddy arrived. Dennis and I (and Jana, I am sure) just were relieved that all had gone well, and that his mama and daddy didn't have to feel sad and guilty that their little guy did not do well without them. They would be happy that their baby is doing so well with new situations. That was a wonderful, joyous feeling.

Hm.. This successful overnighter was a hit, I think all would agree. Perhaps they could go out again soon, and leave him here, overnight of course. Perhaps if they do, Amy and Matt would get their first full nights sleep in 8 months. Perhaps it won't storm and keep them up all night like it did the night Mason was here.

Perhaps it won't storm this weekend or the next. When you are ready, so am I. I'm ready for another baby fix.

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