Thursday, March 4, 2010

Live and Learn

This week has not been fun. My domain name expired, even though my credit card originally "took" the charge, I had entered the wrong exp. date and with no notification from the cc company, a squatter took my domain. So, I was misguided to use What a darn mess that is. That hosting site is not friendly at all. I just cannot figure it out whatsoever no matter how many message I have sent them. They say, click the edit button, edit button to be found. Not only am I out my money, but what the heck has happened to customer service. I do believe trying to use them to "get my money's worth: has not been worth the stress. So, money in, money out.

Now onto the bright side. I am going down, with Jana, to pick up Mason Saturday morning. I am so excited. I haven't seen the little squirt in two weeks. Right now only his mama will do. I hope this overnight goes well. However, Jana, a.k.a. Nna will be here. Jana must be like a magnet and Mason is the steel. They both light up like a new light bulb when they see each other. I remember very clearly that Mason preferred auntie Nana over me. Ouch. That was rather painful, I must admit.

Why? Well, I'm the grandma! The rule book says that "Grandma and Grandpa" are the fun ones, doesn't it? After all, the rule book says that we are to spoil and only cease when his parents are on the scene. Otherwise it is all systems go.

But Auntie Nana? She rocks. This I know. She doesn't get to see him often. Last time she was home and had anticipated a nice time with him, she was ill with pneumonia. I believe it has been about 8 weeks since she has actually seen him, if you don't count the webcam.

I cannot wait to see what trick Mason has up his sleeve. I love to watch him explore his world, from the many various angles he uses and invents. I will never forget Christmas 2009, when he climbed on a package, stood, looked back at us through his legs and began to tear the wrapping paper off! What a great Christmas.

Well, I had better get my grandma rest, as I am sure that the little guy has plans for me also!

Hurry Saturday morning. I need my baby fix.

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