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Months Nine and Counting "up" to One Year

Monday, May 25, 2009

I had a busy weekend. Leaving work Friday, I joined the holiday rush of traffic to head up north. I was meeting Jana and Dennis to begin painting in Jana's new home. We didn't really accomplish much Friday evening, other than to plan our strategy of attack for Saturday.

Saturday began quite early, as we "slept in" until about 7:45 am headed out, painting tools awaiting us. I could tell that Dennis was just not himself. He normally is quite excited to begin new projects, especially when it involves helping his girls. He complained he felt "poky" and referred to himself as "old, slower than I should be" and so forth.

Amy and Matt came up to see Jana's place, leaving the little squirt with Ed and Lola. Too many temptations, nails and paint cans for the little rug rat. (sounds kinda mean, but I mean that with the most sincere affection...hey, I called my own kids that and you know how much I loved them). Anyway, I was glad to see them and grateful for their help. We went to lunch after they received a quick tour of the house. Trout Town Cafe in Kalkaska, Michigan. Yummy! Still, Dennis did not seem like himself, rather quiet. Hm. What is up with him?

Matt helped Dennis with the floor in one room, while Amy helped us to paint. Then Matt helped Dennis with a project he dreaded the most..."the awful front door." Dennis did not look forward to that project and was glad to get Matt's assistance and suggestions. The door went in, Amy and Matt left, and soon after we went back to Jana's. Dennis was soon commenting that his back really hurt and sure enough, he felt awful. He went to bed at 6 pm that evening and did not wake up until late Sunday morning.

After much "coaxing", and quite the temperature, I got him to go to the Kalkaska Hospital, where they have a Urgent Care facility. I took Dennis home, sent him back to bed for the remainder of the day. He was quite sick with a high temp, again sleeping through until Monday at 8:00 am. He then insisted that he had "wasted" enough time and must go to Jana's to work. So, we put down one more floor and began the hallway. He soon realized that he was indeed not up to snuff. Home we went.

Well, the lure of Mason was too much for Dennis, this time. Amy left us a message asking us if we wanted to come down, understanding if we didn't., as we had only been home about an hour and a half. Since Dennis was not ill with a contagious infection, off to went to Lansing to see Mason, oh, of course I mean all of them. Isn't it rather sad that once you have kids you take a back seat to the baby? One says that are "going to see the baby" not "going to see the parents of the baby."

My goodness has he grown in two weeks! He truly has. He has a belly that slightly hangs over his diaper! We are so glad to see that, as is means more growth. He crawls rather fast now, loving the game of chase. We crawled around on the floor for a while. Mason was not quite sure about us. Playing chase was his mama and daddy's thing, not these people who call themselves the "grandparents."

It was bath time. Ooohh. We were excited about that. There is just something about a baby taking a bath and splashing. We were happy to give him a bath. That was our first time of watching/giving him a bath. I have always wanted to do this. Giving your child a bath is something a parent takes for granted, while it is something that a grandparent wants to do. They gave us the opportunity to play with him and watch him enjoy the water. Yes, I did actually give him a baby, not just play!

The bath was not the only new and fun activity Mason has conquered. He has learned what it means to give a high five, laughing and clapping his hands afterward. He also has a new, turtle sandbox. We visited the sandbox with him. He crawled out. He crawled in. Now, I must tell this: My daughter and her husband are ten times relaxed and braver that I was as a young mom with an infant. He plays in the sandbox! I said, "He'll eat the sand." "He'll have sand everywhere: up his nose, in his hair, in the cracks, and so forth." She replied, "Don't worry. He'll be fine." As he grabs his shovel and sticks it in his mouth, a few grains of sand are on the end. She calmly say, "Don't eat it, Mason" and brushed it off his mouth. Oh, I love it. They just enjoy Mason. It's that simple. They enjoy that child. Me? Ha. I would have yelled. "Get Amy and Jana away from the sand." "They may eat it, get it in their nose and in various body cracks." I would have drug them out of the sandbox and hosed out their mouths. Yes, it's true. I was a worried mama. Probably not a whole lot of fun, either. I'll have to ask them if I was a fun mama.

On the way home, I asked Dennis how he was feeling. He replied, "Tired, but well." "Seeing Mason, Amy and Matt was so worth the drive down." He was quite smug when he mentioned how Mason warmed up to him and went to grandpa "willingly." And comments like "Did you see that Mason did this...or that... I hope we see him next weekend. Oh, I have a man with a baby fix. See, Dennis and I really do belong together!

Three more months, Mason, and we will be celebrating one year of tears, laughter and fun. Celebrating all your achievements, looking back on the past, with our eyes on the future. A future with more baby fixes clearly in sight. Sigh.
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