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It's Been Less Than a Week!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I miss my grandson. It is that simple. I know it has only been less than a week since I last held (and chased) the little guy. In fact, I spent three whole days spending time with Mason. The first two were spent at Amy and Matt's house, and I brought him home to spend some time with his Grandpa on Tuesday afternoon, keeping him overnight.

One small problem: Jana was here! Now, I mean that nicely, of course, since I love Jana. However, I think there is an unusual connection between Mason and Jana. He seems to be mentally connected to that girl. She walks past him and he lights up and reaches for her. There are many times he prefers to be held only by na na. He makes that sound when he sees her, but then again, he says na na a lot! Who knows what that really means. Jana prefers to think he is practicing her name.

Tuesday overnight went super. Mason slept all night, well until 4:30. He woke up and surprisingly, did not seem too confused on where he was. I was happy to see that. He wasn't sure if he wanted to stay up or go back to bed. I could hear his little tummy growling. Now I had a dilemma. Do I feed him this early, which may encourage a bad habit for a "snack" so early in the am, or would it encourage him to get up at this time always to play. Hmm. What to do. Well, the growling tummy worked. I made him a bottle, and rocked him back to sleep. Also a big no no. I know. But sometimes a grandma just has to do what she has to do! After all, he WAS teething and had been fussing and crying in the middle of the night the past few weeks. He needed something, I figured.

He slept like a trooper until about 8:30ish. He he he. His mama couldn't believe it. In fact, most kids sleep in late when they stay with us. We like to think it's the comfort of our home that causes they to relax so. It is definitely not the fact that we tend to keep them up a few, really just a few, minutes past their bedtime to play with them. Just thirty minutes. Not a lot! He did not give me (what his mama calls, attitude) a hard time about eating either. He only spit his food out once, in my hair, but it was probably dirty anyway!

The day went by way too fast. It was time to take him home. Luckily for me, Dennis was installing a screen door and was running behind schedule. So my "bring him home at 5:00ish" turned into a 6:15ish thing. His mama called looking for him. She missed her baby. I can't fault her for that. I miss him too when he is not with me! I'd better be careful though, and not make a habit of returning him too late. I might get grounded from Mason. That would be worse than taking away from driver's license, or my cell phone, or worse yet, shopping trips. Yea, not seeing Mason would be worse than anything I can think of.

I just hope I get to see him again really soon. Perhaps I can "babysit" him again really soon. I'm free whenever he is. I need my baby fix again. After all, it is probably time I washed my hair again anyway!

Amy, Matt. I promise I'll return him on time if you let me have him again. Anyway, it's Jana's turn to get food spit into her hair. Then she will really know what it is like to be an Aunt.
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