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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This past month has been a whirlwind of activity. Jana purchased her home and I have taken a class. One of those are done. Yes, you are right. It is the class that is completed, not the house. We have run into so many obstacles to get this completed. While not strangers to shifting gears at the last minute, it is quite a bit harder to do so when you are two hours away from "the project." However, I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today Dennis and I celebrate our 31st anniversary. Last year we went to Alaska on a cruise tour. Wow. I want to return, but it is just too expensive. However, Dennis is off to Alaska on a trip with his buddies this fall. He will enjoy his time, as well as I. I like it when he takes trips for two reasons: He is having fun and he deserves it; I don't have to cook while he is gone.

I miss my little guy. Event though I have seen him several times this past month (they stayed with us last weekend) I had thought when summer approached that I could spend several days a month with him. That hasn't quite worked out as planned. I will have him for three days this coming month, so I very much look forward to these days. I hope to have him a few days in August also.

Well, Grandma and Grandpa were successful last weekend. We helped to reinforce the word "no" to Mason. Mason pulled himself up to the ottoman and wanted Grandpa's glasses. We kept saying no, and he would look at us, "Are you sure?" and then approach the cube from a different angel. This went on for about 8 minutes, us saying no, no, and his sneak attacks, each time changing his tactic. Clever little creature! Later that afternoon, Mason kept repeating the word no, no, while in the car with his parents. The next morning, I got up with Mason and he looked at the black ottoman and said, No. No. He actually understands and can say the word and uses it in the correct situation. Amy said he says the word constantly and understands the meaning and applies it correctly. He crawled up to the trash can. Normally they say, "That's disgusting" and redirect him. This time he began to hit the side of the trash can and said, "No. No." Now when they try to take things away before he reaches them, he likes to go on his "no no" tangents.

Amy wonders if he is ill, as he has had begun to have little temper tantrums and cry for no reason, or is this part of his stage. He is teething (four about two months now) and acts like perhaps he doesn't feel so well. She will be calling her doctor to get him looked at. Poor baby.

Well, back to painting. This weekend has been fun, although work. I can't wait to see you, Mason. Wait until you see your early birthday gift!!

Love, from me to you.

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