Thursday, March 4, 2010

Out of order, I know

Monday, October 26, 2009
...Mr. Personality arrives.
He's particular. He can be stubborn. He is rather sassy. He knows exactly what he wants, and is figuring out how to get it. He is a trick rider on his 4 wheeler (yes, it's battery operated and no, I am not to blame for it). Everything is made for climbing. He can and he will get up there is his attitude.

He like to share what is on his mind, and no, I don't think it is always pretty, judging by the amount of NO's he tell you and the faces he makes. He is becoming independent. He has an opinion. No, he doesn't want to eat his broccoli first, and you can't make him. No, he is not interested in putting on his clothes, thank you very much.

He struts, just a tiny bit. He's hot stuff and he knows it. All eyes are upon his as he parades back and forth across the room and up and down the hallways. A career in comedy is calling his name, as he makes his audience laugh. And he knows it. He always has one more trick up his sleeve to keep one entertained.

He is noticing his body a bit more lately. He walks, deliberately sticking his belly out and watching it as he walks. His brown tennis shoes are smoking! They also are most interesting to watch, and so easy to take on and off. His shirts and pants are camo. A trophy hunter in the making, he is.

He is no longer a toothless wonder. He has four lovely, little razor sharp knives in his mouth. And that's just the top. Combined with the two on the bottom, he is his own little can opener. His kisses can can have a whole new meaning. Who needs one of those steel sharpening devices, when your chin may have been invented for those pearly little knives.

Not anyone will do anymore. He knows exactly who he wants at a given moment. If you want him and he doesn't want you, out comes the hand as if he is a crossing guard. "NO. STOP." he says, as he snuggles against his mama or daddy. No amount of coaxing in the world can rip him from the arms of mama and daddy if he doesn't want to leave his safety zone.

But when he does want to be held, there is nothing in the world like it. He wraps those little arms around my neck, lays his warm, soft cheek against my face, pats my face, giving me all his love. It may only last for a moment. Then his is off. Off to new adventures. Off to take a fresh look at an old toy. Off he goes when he sees you coming with a diaper. Off he goes, clearly wanting to be chased. Off he goes to hide in the corner, or under the table, after all, YOU can't see him. Off for a wagon ride to see new paths. Off to discovery, sharpening his curious little mind ( just like his teeth).

My wonderful, opinionated, stubborn, passionate, dare devilish, independent, sassy, loving, little comedian. You light up the room with your amazing personality. While I see you as often as possible, I cannot get enough of you.

Speaking of dare devilish, wait until you see what Grandma and Grandpa have for you at their house...Can Mason have a horse?
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Friday, September 4, 2009
Looking Back On the First Year: Tears and Laughter
I got up early this morning so that I could post a message to my daughter, Amy, her son Mason and my youngest daughter, Jana. I must start by saying how proud I am of all three of you. Each of you have overcome a year filled with so much stress and trials.

Amy: Your amaze me. This year you have been put through so much. I will never forget that day that Mason was born. While this is something that you often hear moms and dads say, mamas of daughters who give birth are entitled to say this also. No matter what anyone would have told me, I never could have understood the emotions that poured through me the day you were in labor: happiness (that I was going to be a grandmother), happiness that you were going to experience the joys that I have had the privilege to have, and yet fear was there also. My oldest baby girl was going through something stressful and painful and I could not take it away nor help. I so badly wanted to be in that room, not during the birth, but just encouraging you. But, I know that it is your wonderful husband's job and privilege to do that. My feelings are one of those "mom things."

I could write page after page of how proud of you I am, what a great mom you are: a fighter for your baby, tender, compassionate and such. However, you know how I feel. I love you.

You are blessed with a wonderful, caring husband. It never fails to amaze me how much he loves you and that little boy. Your son is lucky to have a daddy that adores him and cares about his well being as much as his mama. Sometimes that doesn't happen in life. I love you.

Jana: You astound me. This year has been packed full of many emotions and trails for you. The birth of your first nephew. I remember how excited you were to become an aunt. That little boy adores you. He can tell how much you love him. He just beams when you walk into the room. While I often tease you (and I am teasing you) to stay away, it pleases me to see how much joy your bring to him. I have this feeling that two of you will be amazing buddies as he grows.

Your first year of teaching was filled with so much stress. Leaving Mason and Amy that day in August must of been so difficult for you. Not having a place that was ready to move into was difficult for you, I know. Daddy and I felt terrible that we could not help you. You were wonderfully understanding, as you knew how important it was to be here for Amy and Matt. Your first week of PD days and school were so difficult due to Mason's struggles, and your wanting to be there to help your big sister. Amy (and we) know where your heart was the first 6 weeks of his life, even though you were not able to be here. First year teaching, while you are so good at it, is difficult. The joy and excitement you felt was evident.

I am so proud of you. You are an amazing teacher. While I am not a teacher myself, I see them every day and understand the joys and struggles they endure on a daily basis. You have overcame a difficult first year. Your post on your blog regarding your first year made me cry and made me proud. If there was anyone who was created to teach children with needs, it is you. Your sense of humor will carry you far in this field. Your love and determination for these kids will really make a difference. Perhaps you will not see it now, but these kids will remember you many years from now. You are simply put: fantastic. I love you.

Mason: Wow. Sometimes just thinking of you makes me teary. Last time I spent the day watching you, as I was simply holding you on my lack and kissing your little head, all the emotions I had this year for your safety and well being, my love, just came pouring out. Sorry grandma cried like a baby while I held you. Your little face looking at me while I cried was so sweet: I know you were thinking, "hTis lady is crazy." Yet you just smiled at me, a bit in puzzlement. Then off my lap you went, bringing me a book to read, as if you were telling me, "buck it up lady. I'm fine." I am just so thankful to have you in my life. All I am going to say to you are two things: I love you and you are blessed to have great parents.

Well, Grandma has to go. I'm on my way to see you. 9 hours of having you all to myself. Mmmm. Pure heaven coming up in one hour.

Off to get my baby fix.
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Saturday, August 8, 2009
Summer Is Flying By
It is hard to believe, but we are half way through August. Summer is going by too quickly. It has not felt like we have had much of a summer this year though, for several reasons. One of which is the weather. We have had way to many cool days. If I remember correctly, was not last year quite hot? I bet if I asked Amy what the weather was like in August, she would reply, "Too damn hot for a pregnant woman."

Another reason I feel like summer did not officially arrive, is because I haven't had my usual breaks. You know what I mean, don't you? Sleeping in until 10:00, rolling out of bed and sitting around in your pajamas for several hours. Instead, I have been very active, not lazy, this summer.

Oh my gosh! What did I just say? I was active? Oh no. I hope that does not set a pattern that will befall me next summer. The only plans I have for next summer is coaxing my grandson to Grandma and Grandpas house for a few days at a time, perhaps a long weekend or two. He will be older then. Maybe he will be a little pistol and his mama and daddy will be glad to have a break for a few days.

In anticipating the remainder of the summer with Mason (I plan to kidnap him very soon and wisk him away to Grandmas), I have turned my backyard into a mini McDonald's play land. We are not the proud owners of a house, also known as a fort to men, a "thing" to crawl in and around on, and a little picnic table.

It is the picnic table that gives my heart an extra flutter. I want to see Mason sitting on the table, with his little legs dangling down. Grinning at me, with that one little tooth, while he snacks on his cheerios, jabbering and laughing that little belly laugh that I adore hearing. I can't wait for those little Kool-Aid mustaches to appear on that little face. What the heck, I may even give him red Kool-Aid!

I look forward to seeing him sitting there, surrounded by his toys and snacks, as we watch the birds, the bunnies, Jana's dog and the "wild" cats. I will enjoy the wonderful, little sentences that he is sharing with me. His expressions and sounds of delight are most delightful and bring me the largest smile.

Just thinking about the possibilities with Mason the remainder of the summer and this fall make me happy. Happy to hear him jabber and learn to express himself. Happy to hear him speak the new words he will learn during these next few months. Happy just to be with my little guy.

I must go get him quickly. Another week in August will be past us before we know.
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Friday, July 31, 2009
Fun Times Ahead
Life has been extremly busy lately. Then again, I am sure that sentence would fit most of our lives. Dennis and I have been up north almost every weekend helping Jana with her home. It became a little more work than we planned, some rather intense. Jana spent all she had in remodeling/repairing bills, and we spent all we felt we could also. Nevertheless, the house is done, minus the trim and a few cupboards.

I have spent several days with mason since my last post. In fact, I spent Tuesday of this week, today and the remainder of the weekend. Tuesday the little guy couldn't attend day care since he had a fever ranging from 99 ish to 102 ish, since Sunday. On Sunday, his 11 month birthday, he cut his first tooth. By that I mean it was all the way through. It was funny when his mama noticed it. She was fishing, yet another thing, he was trying to eat out of his mouth, and she said something like "Ouch." If I remember correctly, then she realized that she felt something rather sharp. Then, "Hey."Finally. What we have waited for happened.

Well, the little guy is up from his am nap and I must get him ready to bring to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the weekend, while his parents go on a much deserved camping trip with their best buds. Jana's down from up north...need I say more?
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