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Thankful to be a Mama

Monday, May 11, 2009
Thankful to be a Mama
I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Jana came down from Kalkaska and we went to Amy's for dinner. Ed and Lola joined Amy and Matt also, and the only one missing was Sara, Matt's sister. I hope I never fail to appreciate Ed and Lola's influence on Matt. He is one of the kindest, considerate men I have met. I feel thankful that my daughter has such a positive role model for her son. I am continually amazed at the relationship we have with our own children and our "in-laws." I once heard them referred to as "love-laws" and I rather like that phrase. Dennis and I thankful that we get along so well with Ed and Lola.

Mason never fails to amaze me in his excitement to see his Aunt Jana. While getting ready to leave, I was thinking how nice it was for Jana to come home and see me and join us for dinner. The next thought was how much I looked forward to seeing my little guy. I couldn't wait to hold him and see how fast he crawls, as well as climbs up to and on things. As these thoughts were traveling around the empty spot in my brain, I thought, "Oh. NO. Jana is here and Mason will care less that I am around!" Sad, but true. After all, a woman's got to know her place, right? Oh well, I am happy for Jana. She adores that little guy.

It was no surprise when we arrived that Jana made a bee line for the baby. Of course, he smiled that big open-mouthed grin and laughed at her. I'm sure he was thinking "This aunt Jana thing is all right." While he was laughing at her, he suddenly caught a glimpse of his grandpa, Dennis, who was behind Jana. In an instance his smile left his face, while he gave Dennis (what Dennis refers to as) the "stare down." It is sort of a "Don't touch my stuff (Dennis likes to play with mason's toys and this seems to irritate him). And "Are you here again?" His big eyes (I could mention the color, but what are they THIS week, anyway?) gazed upon his grandpa, then back to his dad, as if to say, "Do I like him, daddy? Back and forth his little eyes went, while he clung to his daddy. Boy, that kid LOVES his daddy.

We just can't figure out why the stare down each time he sees Dennis. We know that it is a stage he is in, but is it also Dennis' beard, or perhaps his glasses? Or is it that Dennis is not one to give "great big grins" to babies. In other words, he doesn't quite act like the crazed grandma and give him goofy smiles and act all "silly" like I do.

After a few minutes, the buttons on Dennis' shirt became too much. Mason could not resist. He hesitantly, but surely, made his way over to grandpa. He then climbed on his and proceeded to poke the buttons. He was warming up to Grandpa, on Mason's terms. This made Dennis' weekend. It is the first time that Mason has actually wanted to go to Grandpa, initiating the move himself. You can imagine who is on cloud nine at our house, can't you? Well, at least it won't be ME saying "Let's go see the baby."

On another note, one of my mama duties and pleasure will be taking place these next 3-4 weekends. Jana has purchased a home (on Friday of this week) and we will be giving it our best shot to help her as she prepares to start a second year teaching in Kalkaska. We are looking forward o having her feel 'settled' as she will now have space to actually work and live in.

What a good feeling when your children are doing well. Amy, Matt and Mason are doing well, getting into a nice family routine, and are quite happy. Jana is also happy starting her career and making new friends, as well as seems happy.

Thank you Lord for all of our blessings. I thank you for making me a mama to these wonderful daughters. May I be a good mother in law and a wonderful grandma as well. I pray that I will continue to be a blessing to Dennis and my family.
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