Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Think He Likes this Going to the Relative's House

Mason is up to spend the night. Jana hasn't seen him for about 8 weeks and she sent a verbal request that Mason come join her at Grandma and Grandpa's house for the night. Jana is in extreme baby fixation mode. Basically, I was told not to "get in her way." She needs a Mason fix.

I let Jana go in first to pick up Mason, as I knew she wanted to have that moment of seeing if Mason would recognize her. It had been a while. However, they webcam as often as they can, 2-3 a week. Clearly Mason remembered his Nana. When I came into the house, Mason was sitting on Amy's lap, giggling, smiling and flirting with her. That makes me feel so good.

As we were driving up, I glanced in the back seat. The sun is shining in the window, just a few small strands, striking the top of Mason's eyes, forehead and head. As he has a grin of delight on his face, Mason's head is tilted back, eyes closed, clearly enjoying his moment of basking in the sun.

As this moment reminded me of how it feels to have the warmth of the sun on your face, my mind immediately jumped to summer. Then, the grandma mode set in quickly, the plotting began. I began to think of all the things that I would now be able to do with Mason that was not do-able last year. This summer there is no reason he cannot come up and spend the night much more often. He is eating well and growing like a weed. I have so much vacation time that I had saved just for this purpose. I am hoping to have him one day a week or one day every week and a half.

Now, I know this may be a feat that I will have to maneuver carefully. You see, he is at the age where every day is joyful, as they are so much fun as they head towards two. I know his mama and daddy are not going to want to miss a moment either. Hmm. It's a good thing I don't mind driving down there to watch him. Perhaps we can work something night at Grandma's house, then the next "babysitting" will be at Masons. Yes, that will be a good plan.

Although Mason has only been here for a few hours, and is now taking a nap, one thing I have enjoyed the most is the look of delight on his face when he saw his Grandpa. He just stopped playing when he saw Grandpa enter the room. He stared and broke out into this huge grin and pointed at him. Then both Mason and Grandpa broke out into a large laugh at the same time. These two were clearly pleased to see one another.

Mason got grandpa's attention to follow him. Mason drifted towards the front closet, as if he knew something was over there he needed, but wasn't quite sure. So, grandpa opened the closet and Mason was in business. Out came the talking Tonka trucks, out came the little dog he pulls on the string, and out came the blocks. After a few minutes of admiring these, he set off to see the rest of the house. He would wander to a few rooms, check them out, appear to have found satisfaction with them, nod his little head and off to the next room. When it was time to check out the kitchen, Mason wasted no time. He wanted the pantry opened and the drawer were his sippy cups were. When all drawer had been emptied and a snack was had, Mason seemed approved of his time here. He smiled, squealed and off he went. I think he likes this relatives house.

Mason is developing a rather independent attitude. I got him a pair of Sketchers, the light up kind. A SWAT, Police style of shoe where the lights are red/blue like a cop car and they have little headlights. He has had them for a few weeks and I think he gets "it" now. He stomps his little feet as he walks so he can see them light up. So, when were were in the car, I noticed he was admiring his shoes. I reached over and grab his foot and said, "What do your shoes do, Mason?" "Do they light up?" as I began to gently wiggle his foot and swat at the bottom with my hand to get them to light up. "NO!" Mason yells. I laughed and said, "Stop it." Grandma is playing with you. To which Mr. Independent yells, yells mind you,"STOP IT." Wow-wa. What attitude. Don't touch his shoes, I guess.

My what fun is that attitude going to be? What fun will it be if I buy all the cool toys and you won't let me play with them? What fun will it be if I get you a swing set and you won't let me play on it with you? What fun will it be if we get a sandbox and you won't let grandma sit in it with you? We will need to work on this attitude. Grandma wants to have fun too!

Well,the little guy will be up soon and I had better sweep the floor again. How on earth the Cheerios managed to get smashed from one end of the kitchen to another, I will never figure it out. I couldn't figure it out when his mama was little either. So, I'm not holding out much hope for figuring it out now. No wisdom has come to this grandma yet. I swear these is banana on the floor also.

I should hurry. He will be up soon and I want to play with the Playdough we bought him. He had better share.

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