Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Get the Door

I haven't posted in months. Think about it. Meant to do it. Where have these past months gone? Looking at how quickly Mason has become a little boy is proof that time flies.

Mason has rapidly grown into quite the charming, little guy. I spent the weekend with Amy and him while his daddy was at deer camp. We planned to do some baking and prepare a few dishes for Amy to freeze for the first week after Ella is born. Ok, well I played with (I meant occupied) Mason while she prepared the meals, but I did help bake. Honestly. I'm helpful as I did bring the Kitchen Aid mixer! See, I did my part.

Mason did his part also. He is quite the little baker. Amy has spent a lot of time baking snacks and cookies for Mason over the past year and involves him in the measuring and mixing. Of course, his favorite contribution to the baking process is licking the beaters. It was quite funny to watch Mason try to lick the Kitchen Aid mixer beater clean. That thing is huge! It covered his entire face and he had cookie dough everywhere, as he licked and sucked on that beater, occasionally dipping it back into the bowl to get more. Oh wait, I'm the one that did that so he could eat more. Never mind. Once the beaters are clean, he is done with baking. The rest is up to us, if we want a finished project.

The second game plan was to get all the bedding and new clothes for the baby girl washed and ready to go. Mission accomplished. I am paranoid about like colors and clothes being washed together. Do you know how many bright pink things there are for babies? How many little white things there is also? Then you have the darks, the flannel things, etc. all which require separate washings the first time. Geez. My butt should be toned and in Miss America shape as I made several trips up and down the steps washing all those little loads.

Believe me, I'm not complaining. I loved every minute of helping to prepare for the arrival of baby Ella. I loved folding those little clothes, just as much as I did preparing for Mason's arrival.

I think that Amy's favorite part this weekend was watching me struggle to figure out how to assemble the bedding: especially the bedskirt. You have to heist that mattress out of there, shove that bedskirt down into that tiny crack, put the mattress back in. Tying on the bumper pad? So many ties. What did you say Amy? "We have to take this apart, mama." "What?" I responded. "We forgot to move the bed up to the highest point" she said. I said, "Are you kidding me?" "No?" "Okay." Back out came everything.

Now I am sure that Amy was laughing her little butt off as she watched me struggle to heist up that mattress. I am sure she was snicking inside as she watched me figure out (hey, it's been years) how to re-assemble a crib. Now my upper half of my body should be Miss America toned also.

Soon it was time to go home. I packed up my things and headed towards the door. Amy told Mason that grandma was leaving to go home. Mason, always being the helper, yells, "I get the door. I get the door." He so graciously held the door for me while I loaded up my things and came back in to get just one more kiss and hug. After wrestling a hug, I told him I had to go. "I get the door." "I get the door." He runs to hold the door for me as I make my exit. Thanks, Mason, I'm thinking, my Miss America body, while toned of course, hasn't the strength to hold it myself. Mason, can you come home with Grandma and open my doors too? I'll bake you cookies and let you lick the beater.

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